For Hall Rental Information Please Contact

Lori A Doege

(210) 557-0337

COVID 19 Guidelines Effective May 22, 2020

At this time we are following the guidelines of the Governor in order to open our hall and bar.  If you have an event we are only allowing events to have a maximum of 250 guests.   All guests are required to wear a mask and follow safe distance practices while in the American Legion Hall.   We apologize for the inconvenience but we are doing our part to keep our State and Country safe.  If you have any questions feel free to contact Lori Doege @ 210-557-0337 for more information

Wedding, Anniversary, etc events Patron Protocol

Bar Patron Protocol



Hall & Facility Usage                                                                                                                 Usage Time                    Rate                          

Event Length of Time (24 hr Max)                                                                                             Hours                       $     50.00                         

Kitchen Area                                                                                                                               Hours                      $     25.00

Serving Area                                                                                                                               Hours                      $     25.00

BBQ Pit Area (Minimum 8 hrs)                                                                                                   Hours                      $     50.00       

1 Walk-In Cooler                                                                                                                         Hours                      $     10.00                            

Bartender Fee (Minimum 4 hrs Required if serving Alcohol)                                                      Hours                      $     25.00

Security Guard (Minimum 4 hrs Required for 150 quests or more if serving Alcohol)                Hours                      $     35.00 

Clean-Up Charge (Required)                                                                                                                                      $   130.00 


We do not have the round tables at our facility, they will have to be rented by Lessee.  We only have rectangular ones.


The Renter is allowed 1 free hours of set-up time just prior to the rental event and 1 free hours of clean-up time at the end of the event.  Any additional time will be $50.00 per hour. The property must be vacated and ready for lock-up at the end of said rental. agreement. 


A refundable deposit of $200.00 dollars is payable upon execution of this contract and required to hold the rental date.   The remaining balance is due no less than 30 days prior to the rental date. 




By renting our hall, you or your organization are:

Assuming all liability and responsibility for any damages to premises, contents, and surrounding areas.

Assuming all liability and responsibility for any and all infractions or actions during the rental period.



No smoking, e-cigarettes or vaping is allowed in the building.  There are designated areas in front of the hall and to the west of the hall in Slim’s Alley.

No behavior or party activity that would reflect negatively on the American Legion.

No rave parties or unsupervised under age 21 parties are allowed.

Any chairs or tables removed from the hall area must be returned to the hall area.


Alcohol on Premises:

Alcoholic beverages for mixed beverages including wine may be brought, served, and consumed inside the hall by the guests of the Lessee.  However, Lessee is not permitted to sell or serve mixed beverages on the premises.

The Lessee must purchase keg beer from the American Legion Post 539.  Margarita/Daiquiri Machines may be rented and brought in and served until 8:00 p.m..

All beverages must be purchased through American Legion Post 539.  The bar will be available from 4:00 p.m. to midnight Sat on the day of your activity at no charge. 

Beverage sales are pay-as-you-go or pre-paid.

Be aware that it is illegal to consume alcoholic beverages between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon on Sunday.


Follow the Law:

Must abide by the TABC (Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission) regulations.

No illegal drug use or underage drinking of alcoholic beverages is permitted on the Legion property.

No illegal activities are permitted.



ANY FUNCTION involving the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages requires the Lessee to have ON-PREMISE SECURITY provided by one (1) uniformed, Certified Peace Officer (full time paid employees only) for events having 100 or fewer guests, two (2) Officers for events with 101 to 300 and three (3)  for events with 301 or more guest. Detention Officers and or Reserve Officers are not permitted, by State law. 



Free standing decorations that do not attach to walls, fixtures, ceiling or doors are permitted.

​The lessee is not allowed to use nails, packing tape, duct tape, or push pins to hang decorations.

No lighted materials are allowed in the building, such as candles and fireworks.  Battery powered or electric candles are permitted.

No flowers in walk-in coolers.



The Kitchen can only be used if the lessee has included it with this contract.

The Kitchen stove and oven may be used for warming only, no cooking or frying of foods is permitted.

The microwave, walk-in cooler, oven, stove, warmers, sink and counters are available for use.

Serving Area:

All meals will be served in the food serving area.


BBQ Pit Area:

Do not build fire or use wood in BBQ Pits.  Burn wood outside and place hot coals into BBQ Pits as needed



Parking in permitted areas only.



During the rental, all doors must be unlocked.

​During the rental, no doors can be blocked.

Cleaning of Hall:

Lessee is responsible for removing all trash from hall tables and/or floors and put in appropriate trash cans.

Lessee is responsible for putting all tables and chairs back in their positions at the time of the start of the event.

The cleaning staff will remove the trash from the building to the dumpster and sweep the floor at the end of the event.


Follow the Law:

Must abide by the TABC (Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission) regulations.

No illegal drug use or underage drinking of alcoholic beverages is permitted on the Legion property.

No illegal activities are permitted.


Dishonored Check:

Any dishonored check shall be treated as unpaid rent, and subject to an additional fee of $50.00

In the event Lessee elects to cancel this contract/agreement, all sums paid by Lessee up to the time of cancellation will be considered and approved by the Executive Board of the St Hedwig American Legion Post 539 for refund.  Refund will be considered ONLY if the facilities can be re-booked on date listed in the contract.