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Come Join Us for

American Legion Market Days

We are open every 3rd Sunday!

Come check out what we have going on every month!

Vendor Application

Please download application and scan back to our email, or mail to P.O. Box 6 St Hedwig, Tx. 78152.  Please email to receive an invoice if you would like to pay by credit card for your booth.  Once you receive invoice and space is paid for, your spot will be held.  Booth spaces are accepted on a first come first serve basis.  We are always looking for more vendors including food and non profit organizations!  Most vendors will need a tax permit. If you need more information on whether or not you need one, please contact the Texas Comptrollers office at 1-800-252-5555 or visit their website to apply for a permit  Please email us if you have additional questions. 

Vendor Application


We encourage everyone who is healthy and feels safe to visit our market days in order to procure healthy, local food from area farmers, ranchers and small businesses. But we ask that you follow these strict guidelines:

Shoppers are required to wear a face covering or mask per CDC Guidelines & Executive Order.


There will be defined entrances at our markets. Customers are ONLY allowed to enter at these designated entry points. There will be a customer queue at each entrance where customers will sanitize hands before entering our markets.

There will be cones at market indicating 6 foot social distancing spacing. Customers must abide by social distancing protocol of 6 feet throughout market.

Do not consume any food on-site at the market. All food is being sold to go.
Sanitize your hands upon arrival at the market and frequently as you move throughout the space. We will have an increased number of handwashing stations and hand sanitizer and all vendors are required to display hand sanitizer in each booth.


We are instituting 5 ft. of space between each vendor booth. These are not walkways, but distancing measures. DO NOT CONGREGATE HERE.

Maintain at least an arm’s length distance between other shoppers and vendors, especially while you are waiting in line.

Do NOT greet anyone at the market with hugs or handshakes.
Avoid touching your face.


No bike riding within farmers’ market bounds. Either lock your bike up outside or walk it through the market.

Anyone who is feeling unwell in any way should stay home.

Any shopper who is at a higher risk, including individuals who are over 65 and/or with underlying health conditions, should stay home.


We are putting these measures in place with the guidance of the CDC. American Legion Post 539 and our vendors must follow these guidelines, and the additional guidelines below, to ensure a safe market for all stakeholders, and so that we can remain a viable market outlet for all our valued vendors as we move through and navigate this pandemic:

The following rules are requirements for all vendors:

No communal samples. Only pre-packaged and sealed samples allowed.


Vendors are required to wear a cloth face covering or mask.

Vendors are required to wash/sanitize their hands at least once an hour.

Prepared Food Vendors must package all food for consumption off-site. 

Hand Sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol content) at every booth, provided by the vendor, for customers and employees. Vendors who do not have hand sanitizer available, will be required to breakdown and vacate market.

All booths will be 5 feet apart to maximize space and minimize clustering from each other, and layouts will reflect this. Our markets will have some layout irregularities as a result. Some vendors will have to move from their typical spots. We appreciate everyone’s understanding as we work through this.

Vendors and customers are not allowed to occupy the 5-foot spaces between booths.
American Legion Post 539 will be providing additional handwashing stations at our markets, open to all staff, vendors, and customers.


Vendors sanitize surfaces at least once per hour;

Anyone who is feeling unwell should stay home – employees must be sent home if they exhibit internal body temperature of 100.4 °F or higher.

Any vendor who is at higher risk, including individuals over 65 and/or with underlying health conditions, should stay home.


City of Austin updates:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
Texas Health and Human Services:

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